The Lead Quarterly


TLQ 1.2 | The Foremost 50

Breaking down the selection process & key takeaways from 2019’s winning technology start-ups.

TLQ 0.4 | 1-to-1: Rebecca Minkoff & Cassie Rosenthal

On pioneering, thriving, & innovating in today’s climate & the role of female founders.

TLQ 0.2 | Retail Post | John Varvatos

How does a luxury brand transition to a digital-focused world?

TLQ 1.1 | The Fix: Ministry of Supply

On infusing technology into fashion and the importance of engaging with customers.

TLQ 1.1 | Start-Up Post | Flow Commerce

How cross-border retailers can tackle the most common barriers to customer conversion.

TLQ 1.1 | Knowing The Lead

An insider's look into Lucile Bruno's role as Director of Audience Development at The ...