The Foremost 50 List | 2024

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The Foremost 50 is the Annual Power List of Breakout Challenger Brands

The Foremost 50 List highlights fast-growing challenger brands that are redefining fashion, beauty, home, and consumer industries.

These brands are breaking away from traditional go-to-market approaches, creating new value for consumers, and charting new paths to building relationships with the customer. They were selected to the list for their unique approach as well as their ability to make an impact on the future of the industry. By understanding this group of rising stars, leaders at every brand can identify changing market dynamics and evolving customer expectations.

The lessons, capabilities, and success stories of the Foremost 50 brands will truly be brought to life at The Lead Summit on July 10th & 11th, where you’ll hear from some of the leading founders and CEOs. Click HERE for details.

The Foremost 50 Forum is Where We Celebrate our List of Honorees

March 7 | 8:30 am – 12:30 pm | New York City

Aether Diamonds

Manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds from captured carbon found in the air.
Founder(s): Anthony Ippolito, Daniel Wojno, Ryan Shearman
Capital Raised: $18M

Athena Club
Athena Club

Award-winning razors and clean body care that make everyday routines more luxurious — without charging an arm and a leg.
Founder(s): Masha Desmarais & Charles Desmarais
CEO(s): Charles Desmarais & Masha Desmarais
Capital Raised: $52.3M

Athletic Brewing Co.

Pioneering non-alcoholic brewery, revolutionizing the way modern adults drink by crafting brews that can be consumed anytime, anywhere.
Founder(s): Bill Shufelt & John Walker
CEO(s): Bill Shufelt
Capital Raised: $173.5M

Awe Inspired

Celeb-beloved fine jewelry and accessories brand whose Goddess Collection empowers women, promotes spiritual wellness & gives back through collaborations with charity partners.
Founder(s): Jill Johnson & Max Johnson
CEO(s): Max Johnson
Capital Raised: $6M


Delicious good-for-your gut snack bars, free from gut irritants and full of belly benefits like probiotics and fiber.
Founder(s): Katie Wilson, Nick Wilson, Tyson Woeste
CEO(s): Katie Wilson
Capital Raised: $16.4M


Premium office furniture sold direct to save time and money, providing ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, and office accessories for both the home and corporate office.
Founder(s): Greg Hayes
CEO(s): Greg Hayes
Capital Raised: $12.4M

BRUNT Workwear

High-quality work boots and apparel designed by tradesmen at a price that won’t break the bank.
Founder(s): Eric Girouard & David Chernow
CEO(s): Eric Girouard
Capital Raised: $44M

Cabinet Health

Sustainable healthcare products and services–starting with the world’s first refillable and compostable medicine system that offers an impactful solution to the growing plastic waste crisis.
Founder(s): Achal Patel & Russell Gong
CEO(s): Achal Patel
Capital Raised: $17M


Eyewear brand that provides reading, optical and sunglasses to discerning individuals.
Founder(s): Tim Parr
CEO(s): Tim Parr
Capital Raised: $11.25M


Canned beverages infused with a microdose of cannabis (aka just a tiny bit of THC and CBD) that are as bubbly, refreshing, and social – sans the next-day hangover or regrets.
Founder(s): Luke Anderson & Jake Bullock
CEO(s): Jake Bullock
Capital Raised: $32M