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These videos are part of The Lead Classroom Interview Series, created following The Lead Classroom, an event series for fashion and retail leaders held virtually in May 2021.

Effective Brand Collaborations

In this video, Elizabeth Drori, CMO at Sperry, explains the strategy behind fashion collaborations.
Presented by AcuityAds

Brand Marketing for Sustainable Growth

Here, Bloomscape’s CMO Bridget Russo breaks down marketing for sustainable growth.
Presented by Lexer

Inclusive Marketing

In this video Jinal Shah, CMO at Feather, dives into the importance of inclusive marketing.
Presented by Amperity

A New Approach to Building Technology Infrastructure

Matt Powell, Chief Technology Officer at FTD, breaks down a New Approach to Building Technology Infrastructure.
Presented by Couture Technologies

The Pros & Cons of Headless Commerce

Here, David Cost, VP, Digital & E-Commerce at Rainbow Apparel Co, shares his insight on the pros and cons of headless commerce.
Presented by Bolt.

Brand Marketing for Sustainable Growth

Bridget Russo, CMO at Bloomscape, breaks down Brand Marketing for Sustainable Growth.
Presented by Lexer

Incorporating Customer Feedback in Product Development

Jessy Dover, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Dagne Dover, discusses differentiating between fact and opinion when incorporating customer feedback in product development.
Presented by 42 Technologies

Making Stores as Easy to Shop as Online

Here, Harry Cunningham, VP of Retail Brand Experience at Vera Bradley, shares ideas on making it as easy to shop in-store as online.
Presented by Endear

The Future of Live Chat with Store Associates

Brent Paulsen, Managing Director, Head of Retail at UNTUCKit, provides insights on the future of live chat with store associates.
Presented by NewStore

New Customer Buying Patterns

Here, Robert Rizzolo, former DVP Global Merchandising at Michael Kors, provides insights on new customer buying patterns.
Presented by Fuse Inventory

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