LeadTalks Series


In the coming weeks, The Lead will be holding the LeadTalks Series – a program designed for brand & retail executives to come together and discuss the unprecedented challenges brought on by the global outbreak of Coronavirus. 


There is no playbook for how to manage this situation and with new information coming by the hour, we look to our peers to guide us through these difficult times.


Derived from The Lead Assembly model, eight (8) brand & retail executives will participate in a 50-minute peer-to-peer virtual roundtable conversation (by video). These curated conversations are moderated by The Lead and focus on specific challenges – you can find the topics below.


Prior to the LeadTalk, participants may submit their most pressing questions and concerns for discussion. And during the LeadTalk, moderators will encourage the attendees to share their rapid learnings with the group.


The LeadTalks Series will begin the week of March 30, 2020. 

If you would like to join a LeadTalks session, please share your information with us in the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you with further details and openings.

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Managing the Impact of Coronavirus on Stores

How are brands and retailers dealing with consequences for full time and part-time store employees as stores close? Are there opportunities to leverage store staff and inventory to support digital sales?

Recommended for — Operations, Store Operations, Other Professionals

Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus

How do brands market in a pandemic where every other story is about COVID19? When should they post and when to stay silent. What can they say that is helpful and when is a good time to inject your brand into the conversation?

Recommended for — Marketing, Other Professionals

Ecommerce in the Time of Coronavirus

How to convince shoppers to buy non-essential items when people are facing the prospect of recession. What tactics are brands looking to deploy to  – discounts, loyalty rewards, buy now pay later, etc. How are they keeping customers engaged even as they hold back on shopping during the crises?

Recommended for — Customer Experience, Ecommerce, Marketing, Other Professionals

Planning Retail in the Time of Coronavirus

The impact of the pandemic is unprecedented and has been particularly severe in the fashion industry.  Predicting shopping behavior and demand, for when stay-at-home orders are lifted, is likely to be extremely difficult. With no playbook and minimal data, how are retailers and brands planning inventory and operations for the rest of the year and beyond? Presented by — Inturn

Recommended for — Business Development, Finance, Merchandising, Sales, Strategy, Other Professionals

Keeping Teams Productive and Flexible

Store closures, layoffs, and remote working will all take a toll on employee morale. How are leaders helping employees cope, stay agile and harness creative thinking to deal with the crises?

Recommended for — C-Level, HR, Operations, Team Leaders, Other Professionals

Prioritizing Innovation & Technology in the Time of Coronavirus

Many new initiatives may get put on the back burner as the industry deals with a slow down but that does not mean innovation has to stop. How is the pandemic forcing the industry leaders to think creatively and reprioritize?

Recommended for — Innovation, IT, Strategy, Technology, Other Professionals

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