The Direct 60 | 2021

The Direct 60 are Brand Leaders at the Forefront of the Direct-to-Consumer Pivot.

Hailing from incumbent (traditionally wholesale) enterprise brands, these calculated risk-takers and new adopters are retooling their company infrastructure for this new world where every brand is a direct-to-consumer brand. These leaders continue to embrace technology, innovation, and next-gen strategies to transform their businesses & industry.

Executives on the Direct 60 List are selected, first and foremost, for their ability to make a meaningful, material, and long-lasting contribution to a brand’s revenue growth from D2C channels (digital, social, or physical). They are early adopters with long track records of success.

These executives have contributed to the brand’s overall direct-to-consumer objectives through a combination of initiatives such as — strategic investments in baseline technology and/or point solutions; advancing the brand’s relevance and appeal with existing and new customer segments; developing new products, categories, sub-brands, or service offerings (such as resale) to keep up with changing customer expectations or needs; spotting and mastering innovation trends; creating delightful, unique and optimized customer experiences; changing the brand’s internal culture to be more agile, customer(not product)-centric, and data-driven.