TLQ 0.2 | Editor’s Letter

Letter from the Editor

BY Noah Gellman | Co-Founder & CEO | The Lead

For us at The Lead, all roads point to the same truth: Digital transformation across fashion, retail and commerce is a macro trend gaining in velocity. It’s a broad statement and one that we as commentators, curators and researchers struggle to get our arms around. Unpacking each component of the spectrum, from payments to supply chain, customer experience to material science – reveals the endless number of areas that are already in transition.

In this edition of The Lead Quarterly, we looked to simplify by examining a next generation of brands and retailers that are building businesses in a digital-first world. They have the luxury of re-thinking their entire businesses – from the way they reach for and communicate with their customers, to the way they source. When we go deep on each company, examining what they do well – and potentially what they don’t – invaluable lessons emerge for the executive re-shaping their own business.

The Foremost 50 is a meticulously selected list of companies that are successfully executing their business models, creating value for their customers and investors, and approaching the market in new and unique ways.

We believe that The Foremost 50 collectively point to where the fashion industry is headed. We also understand that extracting and providing information doesn’t add value unless the findings lead to action. Taking action in our world requires vision, risk and leadership in the truest sense. Taking action means breaking the rules and getting dirty while doing so.

This is a community of rule breakers, innovators and risk takers. We collect, synthesize and share information. We find new ways to apply our insights and we take the lead in driving change. We invite you to join us.

Noah Gellman

Editor-in-Chief | Co-Founder & CEO

The Lead