The Foremost 50 | 2019

The Foremost 50 2019

Recognizing the D2C digital native brands that are reinventing & redefining the future of the fashion & retail industry. The founders & CEOs of these companies are rule-breakers, risk takers & visionaries implementing innovative business models & creating value for investors.

“In other words, these companies are multifaceted; they aren’t 100 percent fashion, nor are they 100 percent technology. They’re a cunning mix of the two.”

– Vogue

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Eco-friendly shoes made with natural materials.
Founders: Joseph Zwillinger & Tim Brown
CEOs: Joseph Zwillinger & Tim Brown
Capital Raised: $27.5 M

American Giant

Apparel brand focused on offering exceptional US-made clothing at a fair price.
Founder: Bayard Winthrop
CEO: Bayard Winthrop
Capital Raised: $5.6M


Away is a purveyor of thoughtful, high quality luggage for modern travel.
Founders: Jen Rubio, Steph Korey
CEO: Steph Korey
Capital Raised: $81M


BaubleBar is a leader in affordable, on-trend fashion jewelry & accessories.
Founders: Amy Jain, Daniella Yacobovsky
CEOs: Amy Jain, Daniella Yacobovsky
Capital Raised: $48.6M


Comfortable athletic socks for men, women, & kids with a mission to help those in need.
Founders: David Heath, Randy Goldberg
CEO: David Heath
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Men’s apparel retailer offering curated product & styling services based on the client’s fit & taste.
Founders: Bernard Yoo, Sarah Lee, Jason Kim
Capital Raised: $8.2M


Premium bedding & bath linens with a lifetime guarantee.
Founders: Rich Fulop, Vicki Fulop
CEO: Rich Fulop
Capital Raised: $10M


Luxury activewear company with a focus on meeting the needs of the modern American woman.
Founders: Caroline Gogolak, Katie Warner Johnson
CEO: Katie Warner Johnson
Capital Raised: $16M


A global sleep company that manufactures & sells mattresses with a 100 night trial guarantee.
Founders: Constantin Eis, Gabriel Flateman, Jeff Chapin, Neil Parikh, Philip Krim, T. Luke Sherwin
CEO: Philip Krim
Capital Raised: $239.7M


Customer centric clothing company dedicated to men’s short shorts.
Founders: Kyle Hency, Preston Rutherford, Rainer Castillo, Tom Montgomery
Capital Raised: $16M


Adventure gear & apparel focused on quality, design, storytelling & social responsibility.
Founders: CJ Whittaker, Davis Smith, Stephan Jacob
CEO: Davis Smit
Capital Raised: $22.1M


Personalized, professionally guided skin care that’s affordable & accessible.
Founders: David Lortscher, Kris Fredrickson, Nancy Satur
CEO: David Lortscher
Capital Raised: $18.8M

Dia & Co

Plus size clothing & personal styling services for women.
Founders: Lydia Gilbert, Nadia Boujarwah
CEO: Nadia Boujarwah
Capital Raised: $20M

Draper James

Apparel & home accessories emphasizing southern roots & personal style.
Founder: Reese Witherspoon
CEO: Taylor Rettig
Capital Raised: $10M

Drunk Elephant

High quality, non-toxic skin care at an affordable price with proven results.
Founder: Tiffany Masterson
CEO: Tim Warner
Capital Raised: $8.3M


Trend driven fashion brand for women sizes 14 to 28.
Founders: Jodi Arnold, John Auerbach, Julie Carnevale, Steve Zawada
CEO: Mariah Chase
Capital Raised: $21M


Ethically made, quality apparel without the traditional retail markup.
Founders: Jesse Farmer, Michael Preysman
CEO: Michael Preysman
Capital Raised: $18M*

Fashion Nova

Fast fashion brand that gained popularity largely through social media influencers.
Founder: Richard Saghian
CEO: Richard Saghian
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Frank and Oak

A lifestyle brand for men & women combining sustainability, style, purposeful design, and technology while upholding the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Founders: Ethan Song, Hicham Ratnani
CEO: Ethan Song
Capital Raised: $39.8M

Function of Beauty

Personalized hair care products tailored to its customers’ specific hair profile & goals.
Founders: Hien Nguyen, Joshua Maciejewski, Zahir Dossa
CEO: Zahir Dossa
Capital Raised: $12.2M


Beauty company leveraging content & community to power the shopping experience.
Founder: Emily Weiss
CEO: Emily Weiss
Capital Raised: $86.4M


Marketplace for rare & limited edition sneakers.
Founders: Daishin Sugano, Eddy Lu
CEO: Eddy Lu
Capital Raised: $97.6M


Men’s footwear brand offering a wide range of classically-inspired sneakers.
Founders: Jon Buscemi, Ryan Babenzien
CEO: Ryan Babenzien
Capital Raised: $13M


Quality razors, razor blades & personal care products for men.
Founders: Andy Katz-Mayfield, Jeffrey Raider
CEOs: Andy Katz-Mayfield, Jeffrey Raider
Capital Raised: $474.6M

Knot Standard

Custom clothing brand aiming to revolutionize the way men shop.
Founders: John Ballay, Matthew Mueller
CEO: John Ballay
Capital Raised: $23.4M


Beauty products embrace & enhance the natural, made with 100% pure organic coconut oil.
Founders: Kiana Cabell, Gigi Goldman, Bryce Goldman, James Brennan
CEO: Bryce Goldman
Capital Raised: $15M


High performance, lightweight hunting gear & apparel designed for harsh conditions.
Founder: Jason Hairston
Capital Raised: $50M

M. Gemi

Quality shoes handcrafted in Italy & sold at an affordable price point.
Founders: Ben Fischman, Cheryl Kaplan, Maria Gangemi
CEO: Ben Fischman
Capital Raised: $47.2M

Madison Reed

Affordable, salon-quality hair color made with ingredients you can feel good about.
Founders: Amy Errett, Eric Hutchinson, Sabrina Riddle
CEO: Amy Errett
Capital Raised: $70.1M


K-Beauty community & a collection of innovative in-house skin care & cosmetics brands.
Founders: Doin Kim, Hyungseok Ha
CEO: Hyungseok Ha
Capital Raised: $156.7M

Milk Makeup

Beauty essentials made with natural, eco-streamlined ingredients for the girl on the go.
Founders: Zanna Roberts Rassi, Mazdack Rassi, Georgie Greville
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Ministry of Supply

Creating a new category of clothing, performance professional, engineered dress clothes for the work day.
Founders: Aman Advani, Kevin Rustagi, Kit Hickey, Gihan Amarasiriwardena
CEO: Aman Advani
Capital Raised: $9.2M

Moda Operandi

Luxury fashion retailer allowing members to pre-order ready-to-wear accessories & jewelry.
Founders: Aslaug Magnusdottir, Lauren Santo Domingo
CEO: Deborah Nicodemus
Capital Raised: $293.7M


Socially-conscious, luxury knitwear brand that sources cashmere directly from local herders in Mongolia.
Founders: Diederik Rijsemus, Hadas Saar, Matthew Scanlan
CEO: Matthew Scanlan
Capital Raised: $16M

Outdoor Voices

Active lifestyle brand that designs & sells women’s & men’s technical apparel for recreation.
Founders: Tyler Haney
CEO: Tyler Haney
Capital Raised: $57M

Parachute Home

Parachute designs, manufactures & sells quality, non-toxic bedding & bath essentials.
Founder: Ariel Kaye
CEO: Ariel Kaye
Capital Raised: $44.8M


Quality clothing & essentials for kids & babies in vibrant colors.
Founders: Galyn Bernard, Christina Carbonell
CEO: Galyn Bernard
Capital Raised: $27.8M


Comfortable & safe silicone jewelry made for the active lifestyle.
Founders: Ted Baker, KC Holiday
CEO: Ted Baker
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Online authority & marketplace for luxury handbags.
Founders: Charles-Albert Gorra, Erwan Delacroix
CEO: Charles-Albert Gorra
Capital Raised: $31.8M

Rockets of Awesome

Reinventing the way parents shop for kids by leveraging data & personalization.
Founder: Rachel Blumenthal
CEO: Rachel Blumenthal
Capital Raised: $19.5M

Stadium Goods

An online marketplace for sought after sneakers & streetwear.
Founders: Jed Stiller, John McPheters
CEO: John McPheters
Capital Raised: $5.6M


Premium sock brand dedicated to the spirit of individuality.
Founders: Aaron Hennings, Jeff Kearl, Rick Alden, Ryan Kingman, Taylor Shupe
CEOs: Jeff Kearl
Capital Raised:$116M


Reinventing fashion through innovative technology, personalization & a data driven platform.
Founders: Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler
CEOs: Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler
Capital Raised: $259.7M

The Black Tux

Premium tuxedo & suit rental service for the modern man.
Founders: Andrew Blackmon, Mike Gammarino, Patrick Coyne
CEOs: Andrew Blackmon, Patrick Coyne
Capital Raised: $62.6M

The RealReal

The leader in authenticated luxury fashion consignment.
Founder: Julie Wainwright
CEO: Julie Wainwright
Capital Raised: $288M


Innovative bra & underwear brand that believes fit should come first.
Founders: David Spector, Heidi Zak
CEOs: David Spector, Heidi Zak
Capital Raised: $13.6M

True Botanicals

Non-toxic, quality skincare products made with natural & organic ingredients.
Founder: Hillary Peterson
CEO: Christina Mace-Turner
Capital Raised: $14.1M


Apparel brand built on perfecting comfortable men’s shirting, meant to be worn untucked.
Founders: Aaron Sanandres, Chris Riccobono
CEO: Aaron Sanandres
Capital Raised: $30M

Warby Parker

Designer eyewear featuring at home try-on & a socially conscious business model.
Founders: Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, Jeffrey Raider, Neil Blumenthal
CEOs: Neil Blumenthal, David Gilboa
Capital Raised: $290.5M

Zenni Optical

Zenni was founded by 2 scientists with the mission to make high quality eyewear that is both attractive & affordable.
Founders: Tibor Laczay, Julia Zhen
CEO: Tibor Laczay,
Capital Raised: Self-funded