The Foremost 50 | 2022

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The Lead’s power list of high-growth D2C brands that are reinventing & redefining the future of fashion, retail, & consumer.

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A new kind of accessories brand devoted to conscientious craftsmanship, responsible materials & design without compromise.
Founders: Zi Xuan, Yijia Wang
CEOs: Zi Xuan, Yijia Wang
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


A brand created for every woman, every activity and every body with expertly designed and well-fitting swimwear, intimates and lounge for all of life’s occasions in sizes 0-26.
Founder: Melanie Travis
CEO: Melanie Travis
Capital Raised: $31.4M

Back to the Roots

Destination for all things gardening with a mission to reconnect a new generation back to where food comes from by helping them grow it themselves
Founders: Alejandro Velez, Nikhil Arora
CEO: Alejandro Velez
Capital Raised: $36.1M


Sustainable wellness brand crafting medically beneficial products that provide an all-natural sleep solution manufactured from organic materials and innovative upcycled fabrics.
Founder: Kathrin Hamm
CEO: Kathrin Hamm
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Premium canned wine brand that promotes female empowerment in business and beyond.
Founder: Alix Peabody
CEO: Alix Peabody
Capital Raised: $23.7M

Birdy Grey

Fresh, flattering, affordable bridesmaid dresses that look great in photos & in real life.
Founders: Grace Lee, Monica Ashauer
CEOs: Grace Lee
Capital Raised: $3.6M


Eco-Friendly cleaning products revolutionizing cleaning to end single-use plastic.
Founders: Sarah Paiji Yoo, John Mascari
CEO: Sarah Paiji
Capital Raised: $3M

Catch Co.

Products, content, and shopping experiences for the modern angler.
Founder: Ross Gordon
CEO: Ross Gordon
Capital Raised: $61.3M

Cuts Clothing

Apparel for the Sport of Business
Founder: Steven Borrelli
CEO: Steven Borrelli
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Fair Harbor

Ultra comfortable beachwear made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can enjoy the places you love while protecting them too.
Founders: Jake Danehy, Caroline Danehy
CEO: Jake Danehy
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Furniture for keeping — simple to assemble, easy to move, thoughtfully designed to last for the long haul.
Founders: Alex O’Dell, Kyle Hoff
CEO: Kyle Hoff
Capital Raised: $25.6M

Glow Recipe

Clean, fruit-forward, clinically effective skincare designed to help you achieve your healthiest, glowing skin yet.
Founders: Christine Chang, Sarah Lee
CEOs: Christine Chang, Sarah Lee
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


The trusted homebase in motherhood for solution-focused products, education, and community.
Founder: Ariane Goldman
CEO: Ariane Goldman
Capital Raised: 7.2M


Premium, problem-soliving men’s grooming, skincare, and fragrance products tailored to specific, diverse needs.
Founders: Brian Jeong, Phillip Wong
CEO: Brian Jeong
Capital Raised: $22M


Heyday takes the facial out of the spa and the guesswork out of skincare with personalized facials, progressive products, and professional guidance.
Founders: Michael Pollak, Adam Ross
CEO: Adam Ross
Capital Raised: $33.2m

Interior Define

Leading customizable furniture brand with over 125+ fabrics, 15+ collections, 20+ leg styles, and a variety of lengths and depths with product categories across living, lighting, dining, and décor.
Founder: Rob Royer
CEO: Antonio Nieves
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Men’s jewelry made in Italy of the finest materials and sold direct without the markup.
Founders: Josh Deemer, Steve Ulikyan, Josh Pierce
CEO: Josh Deemer
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Jones Road

Cool, clean makeup essentials created by makeup artist Bobbi Brown
Founder: Bobbi Brown
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

K18 Hair

Haircare products formulated with the patented K18Peptide, a molecular breakthrough clinically proven to reverse hair damage in just 4 minutes.
Founders: Britta Cox, Suveen Sahib
CEO: Suveen Sahib
Capital Raised: $49M

Mack Weldon

Rooted in smart design and performance fabrics, products designed to work together in a radically-efficient Daily Wear System.
Founder: Brian Berger
CEO: Brian Berger
Capital Raised: $15.9M

Made In

A premium kitchen brand creating chef-driven tools for the modern cook at a not so premium price.
Founders: Chip Malt, Jake Kalick
CEO: Chip Malt
Capital Raised: $20M


Built to bridge the gap between impact and culture, Madhappy creates timeless products, content, and experiences that spark positivity and drive conversation around mental health.
Founders: Noah Raf, Peiman Raf, Joshua Sitt, Mason Spector
CEO: Peiman Raf
Capital Raised: $1.5M


The next generation of body care, with an ever-expanding range of innovative products that are clinically proven to lift, shape, and firm a woman’s body.
Founders: Yariv Citron, Daniel De Castro, Yaniv Dagan, Tomer Arzoan
CEO: Rom Ginzburg
Capital Raised: $30M

Magic Spoon

Food company that provides childlike, low-carbohydrate cereal foods for adult customers.
Founders: Gabi Lewis, Greg Sewitz
CEO: Greg Sewitz
Capital Raised: $14.5M


A modern sexual wellness company built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity with a mission to change the outdated industry and make intimacy better for all.
Founder: Eva Goicochea
CEO: Eva Goicochea
Capital Raised: $10.1M


Socially-conscious, luxury knitwear brand that sources cashmere directly from local herders in Mongolia.
Founders: Diederik Rijsemus, Matthew Scanlan
CEO: Matthew Scanlan
Capital Raised: $41M


The pioneer behind effective, clinically-backed and natural products that target the root causes of hair health.
Founders: Giorgis Tsetis, Roland Peralta, Dr. Sophia Kogan
CEO: Giorgis Tsetis
Capital Raised: $35M


Portland-based outerwear brand founded on the pursuit of building the best insulation technology on the planet.
Founders: Michael Markesbery, Rithvik Venna
CEO: Michael Markesbery
Capital Raised: $23.5M


Redefining the eyewear experience by bringing continual customizability, freedom of choice, and affordability to glasses.
Founders: Nathan Kondamuri, Sophia Edelstein
CEOs: Nathan Kondamuri, Sophia Edelstein
Capital Raised: $73.5M

Pair of Thieves

An American basics apparel company, making socks, underwear, and shirts.
Founders: Cash Warren, Alan Stuart, David Ehrenberg
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


A materials science company on a mission to save our environment creating essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials.
Founders: PANGAIA Collective
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Underwear that’s actually fun to wear in supersoft, sustainable fabrics—starting at $8.
Founder: Cami Téllez, Jack DeFuria
CEO: Cami Téllez
Capital Raised: $36.5M


A family of brands designed to help you find more enjoyment in daily life, starting at home.
Founders: Nicholas Ling, Suze Dowling, Emmett Shine
CEO: Nicholas Ling
Capital Raised: $74M


Lifestyle brand creating high quality products made with sustainable materials and sold at radically lower prices.
Founders: Sid Gupta, Zunu Mittal
CEO: Sid Gupta
Capital Raised: $64.5M


Oral care company designing and delivering products, advice, and services to make oral health more simple, accessible, and enjoyable.
Founders: Simon Enever, Bill May
CEOs: Simon Enever
Capital Raised: $162.2M


Offering mattresses, bed frames, bedroom furniture & other bedding products for every type of sleeper.
Founders: Eric Hutchinson, Ran Reske, Craig Schmeizer
CEOs: Eric Hutchinson, Ran Reske
Capital Raised: $169.2M


Delivering high-quality, science-backed supplements that are Made Traceable with the first visible supply chain of its kind.
Founder: Katerina Schneider
CEO: Katerina Schneider
Capital Raised: $53M


Piercing and jewelry brand providing safe and celebratory ear piercings exclusively by licensed nurses and hypoallergenic jewelry.
Founder: Louisa Schneider
CEO: Louisa Schneider
Capital Raised: $24M

Rowing Blazers

Cult clothing brand known for its traditional craftsmanship and sense of fun.
Founders: David Rosenzweig, Dr. Jack Carlson
CEO: Dr. Jack Carlson
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Sakara Life

Fresh, organic, perfectly-portioned meals delivered to your home or office so you can get back to feeling really, really good again.
Founders: Danielle Duboise, Whitney Tingle
CEOs: Danielle Duboise, Whitney Tingle
Capital Raised: $19.8M


Designing earth-conscious, sustainable products and practical solutions to end disposable culture.
Founders: Jurrien Swarts, Alex Abrams, Ben Melinger
CEO: Jurrien Swarts
Capital Raised: $2.5M


Reimagining ear piercing by offering consultative and expert needle piercing services, combined with a wide assortment of accessibly priced, on-trend earrings online and offline.
Founders: Anna Harman, Lisa Bubbers
CEO: Anna Harman
Capital Raised: $30M+


Subscription startup that takes all the guesswork out of lawn, pest, and garden care with bespoke formulas tailored specifically for your property.
Founders: Trent Lewis, Coulter Lewis
CEO: Coulter Lewis
Capital Raised: $78M


Beautiful, handmade western boots & accessories sold directly to you at honest prices.
Founder: Paul Hedrick
CEO: Paul Hedrick
Capital Raised: $120M

Ten Thousand

Premium training gear designed to help you push harder and dig deeper than the day before – Every day faster, every day stronger, every day better than yesterday.
Founder: Keith Nowak, Eugenio Labadie
CEO: Keith Nowak
Capital Raised: $27M

The Citizenry

Artisan-driven, socially conscious home decor brand bringing time-tested craftsmanship to the modern home.
Founder: Carly Nance, Rachel Bentley
CEO: Carly Nance, Rachel Bentley
Capital Raised: $20M

The Naked Market Logo
The Naked Market

Next generation CPG business that is creating a portfolio of health oriented brands/products across a variety of categories.
Founders: Harrison Fugman, Alex Kost, Tim Marbach
CEO: Harrison Fugman
Capital Raised: $33.5M

The Sill

Modern plant destination for the modern plant lover delivering happy and healthy houseplants right to your door.
Founder: Eliza Blank
CEO: Eliza Blank
Capital Raised: $19M

Thursday Boot Co.

Ridiculously high quality footwear and leather goods at honest prices.
Founder: Connor Wilson, Nolan Walsh
CEO: Nolan Walsh
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Home try-on diamond and engagement ring company marrying convenience with a personal touch.
Founders: Anubh Shah, Slisha Kankariya
CEO: Anubh Shah
Capital Raised: $8.6M

Ones To Watch

Spotlighting the future front-runners in fashion, retail, & consumer who are breaking away from the pack and showing great promise and the foundations to impact the industry.

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Rosenthal’s Andrew Barone gives his insider take on each of the Ones to Watch HERE.

Athena Club

One-stop shop for personal care essentials, reinventing everyday self-care by making higher quality products that are more convenient, less complicated, and fairly priced.
Founder(s): Charles Desmarais, Maria Markina
CEO(s): Charles Desmarais, Maria Markina

Awe Inspired

Spiritual wellness brand serving the growing majority of millenials and gen-z’ers who identify as “spiritual but not religious” with meaningful accessories and digital experiences that promote self-discovery and empowerment.
Founder(s): Jill Johnson, Max Johnson
CEO(s): Max Johnson


Smart, innovative baby care products that make parents’ lives easier, starting with the high-performing diaper.
Founder(s): Frank Yu
CEO(s): Frank Yu


Modern grooming company for the new masculinity.
Founder(s): Umar ElBably, Fenton Jagdeo
CEO(s): Umar ElBably, Fenton Jagdeo


Natural skincare and wild fragrances created out of love in Margate, Kent.
Founder(s): Dom Bridges
CEO(s): Dom Bridges


A science-backed lineup of wellness products that empower you to live your best life.
Founder(s): Jai Jung Kim, John Sherwin
CEO(s): John Sherwin


A plant-based company working to reinvent on-the-go foods to reduce waste and help customers achieve a more complete and nutritious diet.
Founder(s): Tomás Froes
CEO(s): Tomás Froes


A modern baby and toddler brand rethinking the way parents shop for their little ones.
Founder(s): Gregory Davidson, Michael Wieder
CEO(s): Gregory Davidson

Nude Barre

Durable, soft, comfy tights & intimates created in 12 shades of nude to match all complexions.
Founder(s): Erin Carpenter
CEO(s): Erin Carpenter

Our Place

Brand that believes in the power of home cooking to bring people together and designs innovative, iconic, ethical kitchenware for making and sharing traditions.
Founder(s): Zach Rosner, Shiza Shahid, Amir Tehrani
CEO(s): Shiza Shahid, Amir Tehrani

Scent Beauty

Platform for bespoke fragrances, perfumes, and colognes created in collaboration with the leading culturally relevant brands.
Founder(s): Stephen Mormoris
CEO(s): Stephen Mormoris

The Big Favorite

Quality, soft, uncomplicated basics and a circular system that’s better for this great big world.
Founder(s): Eleanor Turner
CEO(s): Eleanor Turner

Three Wishes

A high protein, low sugar, grain free breakfast cereal made from clean ingredients that tastes like the cereals of your childhood.
Founder(s): Ian Wishingrad, Margaret Wishingrad
CEO(s): Margaret Wishingrad


Using a data-driven, whole-health approach to address the root of skin health: hormones.
Founder(s): Allie Egan
CEO(s): Allie Egan

Wandering Bear Coffee

The smoothest, coffee-shop-quality cold brew, on tap from your fridge.
Founder(s): Matt Bachmann, Ben Gordon
CEO(s): Matt Bachmann

Read Rosenthal’s Andrew Barone’s insider take on each of the Ones to Watch HERE.