The Foremost 50 | 2023

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The Foremost 50 is the Annual Power List of Break-Out Direct-to-Consumer Brands.

The Foremost 50 List highlights 50 fast-growing direct-to-consumer challenger brands that are redefining the future of the fashion, beauty, home, and consumer industries.

These digital-first, direct-to-consumer brands are challenging traditional go-to-market approaches, breaking old business models, creating new value for consumers, and charting new paths to direct relationships with the customer. Many of these company CEOs will be featured speakers at The Lead Innovation Summit on July 12th & 13th in New York.

By understanding this group of rising challenger brands, leaders at every brand should be able to recognize and apply the best practices for ever-evolving customer expectations.

The lessons, capabilities, and success stories will truly be brought to life at The Lead Innovation Summit on July 12th & 13th. Click HERE for details.

Join us to honor these 50 companies along with the Ones To Watch on March 7 at The Foremost 50 Forum (you may apply to attend HERE).

Athletic Brewing Co.

Pioneering non-alcoholic craft brewer revolutionizing beer for the modern lifestyle by producing a variety of styles that can be consumed anytime, anywhere.
Sector: Food & Beverage
Founder(s): Bill Shufelt & John Walker
CEO(s): Bill Shufelt
Capital Raised: $173.5M


Sustainable home wellness brand creating products that prioritize holistic wellbeing, sustainability, and exceptional design to bring about revolutionary rest, naturally.
Sector: Home
Founder(s): Kathrin Hamm
CEO(s): Kathrin Hamm
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

BÉIS Travel

On-the-go lifestyle brand for people in motion, delivering high-quality, functional travel essentials at an accessible price point.
Sector: Travel & Accessories
Founder(s): Shay Mitchell
CEO(s): Shay Mitchell
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Digital-first fashion and lifestyle destination for modern women sizes 10-30.
Sector: Apparel
Founder(s): Bill Hu
CEO(s): Bill Hu
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Mom founded and led, organic, European-inspired formula, crafted in America – shaking the stigma on how we choose to feed our babies.
Sector: Food & Beverage
Founder(s): Laura Modi & Sarah Hardy
CEO(s): Laura Modi
Capital Raised: $72M

Born Primitive

A veteran-owned workout, athleisure, and outdoor apparel brand, founded on the principles of hard work, patriotism, and giving back.
Sector: Apparel
Founder(s): Bear Handlon & Mallory Riley
CEO(s): Bear Handlon
Capital Raised: None

Boy Smells

A personal product brand of candles and fine fragrances, that celebrates self-expression by being genderful, never genderless.
Sector: Home & Apparel
Founder(s): Matthew Herman & David Kien
CEO(s): David Duplantis
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Brandon Blackwood

Luxury fashion house providing a timeless and diverse collection of handbags and accessories.
Sector: Accessories
Founder(s): Brandon Blackwood
CEO(s): Brandon Blackwood
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Bubble Skincare

Face care products without controversial ingredients like colors, fillers, fragrances, sulfates, and animal-derived ingredients, now available in over 9,000 stores.
Sector: Beauty
Founder(s): Shai Eisenman
CEO(s): Shai Eisenman
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Canned beverages infused with a microdose of cannabis (aka just a tiny bit of THC and CBD) that are as bubbly, refreshing, and social as your favorite cocktail – sans the next-day hangover or regrets.
Sector: Food & Beverage
Founder(s): Luke Anderson & Jake Bullock
CEO(s): Jake Bullock
Capital Raised: $27M

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