The Lead Summit-Direct | Online Agenda




12:00PM — 12:10PM

Opening Remarks: The State of Direct-to-Consumer

12:10PM — 12:45PM

Virtual Panel Discussion: Stores as the Difference Maker in the D2C Business Model

Stores have an important role to play in telling the brand story, in a way that digital channels alone can’t. Stores are also a key component of the omnichannel direct-to-consumer business model. From experience to data to expectations, hear from brand leaders on how they are rethinking stores to build and strengthen relationships with customers.

Mario Lang, VP, Digital Innovation, PVH

12:45PM— 01:20PM

Virtual Panel Discussion: The D2C Playbook for Customer Experience

Superior end-to-end customer experience is now the key to winning market share in a fast-changing direct-to-consumer world. From retelling the brand story to investing in social commerce, hear how brands are rethinking the customer experience and changing the way they relate to their customers.

Brian Seewald, SVP, E-Commerce, EXPRESS

01:20PM — 01:30PM

Vision Talks

Achieving success at direct-to-consumer business models will require next-generation technology. Learn what the future of direct-to-consumer looks like from the innovators building technology products to support the evolving needs of the businesses in transition.

01:30PM — 02:00PM

The Direct 60 Insights Report

Four months of dedicated research lead to this moment — dive into the patterns, lessons, insights, and findings behind the Direct 60 List. Peer into emerging trends, identify winning strategies, and learn about the intrepid executives rebuilding their companies for this new world.

Noah Gellman, CEO, The Lead
Sonal Gandhi, Chief Product Officer, The Lead

02:00PM — 02:30PM

The Direct 60 Intrepid Awards Ceremony

Intrepid (in·​trep·​id): characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance. Together we honor these 60 intrepid executives — brand leaders at the forefront of direct-to-consumer.

Icon Award
Trailblazer Award
Breakout Award
Pivot Award
& More…

02:45PM— 03:20PM

Virtual Panel Discussion: Investing in Foundations to Tilt the Playing Field

The direct-to-consumer business model requires brands to be nimble and respond in real-time to changing customer behavior and competitive environment. Learn how today’s leading brands are investing in data, technology, talent, and logistics to be ready for whatever the future holds.

Michael Africa, Chief Digital Officer, Eddie Bauer
John Hill, Chief Innovation Officer & SVP, Business Planning, Carhartt

03:20PM— 03:30PM

Closing Remarks & Future Forecast