TLC Supply Chain Innovation | Spring 2021


Meet the Speakers

Agenda & Topics

May 19th | 1:00 — 3:30 PM EST

Supply chains are under a lot of pressure. A year of lop-sided demand, delays, closures, and cost increases have led brands to seriously reevaluate how they manage their supply. Even before the pandemic, brands were keen to reduce excess inventory, improve speed-to-market, and build redundancy. However, the urgency to innovate and streamline operations has never been greater. This classroom session will address questions you have on incorporating technology and changing processes to create a digitized and consumer-oriented supply chain.


Classroom Overview: Business Strategies and Industry KPIs
Industry leaders set the stage with a 15-minute conversation / prep session

Kris Arabia, Senior Vice President, Chief Merchant, mDesign Home Decor
Tracy Parrillo, VP, Development & Sourcing, Rag & Bone

Interactive Breakout: Business Strategies Benchmarking Exercise
Breaking into groups of 8, we take 45 minutes to compare strategies and experiences across five key points that all supply chain and innovation professionals are thinking about

  • Managing suppliers, planning capacity, & reducing costs
  • Building redundancies
  • Reducing lead times 
  • Benefits of onshoring
  • Digitization of supply chains
  • Reorienting for digital-first commerce

Confidential Poll: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes
With nearly 40 brand and retail leaders in one virtual room, get real time feedback on your key decisions and considerations.

Landscape Lesson
The Lead unpacks today’s innovation. In a 15-minute lesson, learn key technology and customer trends, know how to prepare for 2021 and beyond, and see what comes next through the lens of the innovators.

Future Now Workshop
Breaking into groups of 5, we spend 30 minutes and take a tech-first perspective in order to zero in on best practices. Choose the workshop most interesting to you.

  • Sustainability is the defining issue of our times — how to reduce the environmental price of legacy supply chain systems
  • Supply chain disruption is entering a new phase — how to reduce costs while maintaining delivery times
  • Digital transformation is a journey — how to put the consumer at the center of the supply chain

Personalized solutions to your key challenges. 

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