TLQ 0.4 | Editor’s Letter

Letter from the Editor

Our Co-Founder & CEO lays out The Lead’s 2019-2020 evolution

BY: Noah Gellman

We are honored to welcome you to our fourth edition of The Lead Quarterly. Over the past year we have had the opportunity to host some incredible industry insiders in this publication — Cassandra Jones of Macy’s, Shawn Gold of Fabletics, Mark Brashear of John Varvatos, Marc Rosen of Levi’s, Pano Anthos of XRC, Scott Friend of Bain Capital Ventures, Michelle Levy of Melissa Shoes, Bai Gan of Zenni, Aaron Sanandres of UNTUCKit, Randy Goldberg of Bombas, and more. In this time, we have also brought you insight into tomorrow’s break-out digital native brands with Matt Kaden’s recurring “Ones to Watch”. Additionally, Our own Awais Khan has published research into The Defiant 25 (executives), The Foremost 50 (digitally native vertical brands), and now The Leading 100 (tech start-ups). And in case you missed any of our Executive Salons, Assemblies or Summits, Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer Timo Weiland has given you an insider’s view into what we do with “Knowing The Lead”.

I cut my teeth in the entrepreneurial economy — a world dominated by venture capital, innovation, disruption, hyper-growth, dealmaking, and investor value creation. Much of what I learned, witnessed, and experienced has formed my own worldview and informed the way we operate at The Lead – both in terms of our editorial perspective and the way we operate our business.

We make it a point to listen to our customers, partners, and readers. Building on your feedback, in 2019- 2020 you are going to see the evolution of The Lead. Starting with The Lead Quarterly, our content is getting shorter, snappy, digestible and easy to apply. The form has undergone a modification too: more white, less color — easier to read and more consistent.

The Lead Quarterly continues to be the print manifestation of the work we do across the industry. The live events (The Lead Executive Salon, The Lead Assembly, and The Lead Innovation Summit) inform the publication’s content. The publication disseminates the research. And the research informs the live event programming.

Many of you are picking up The Lead Quarterly 0.4 at The Lead Innovation Summit. We are honored and humbled to share our curated vision of tomorrow with you. The Summit is the high point of our year, weaving everything we’ve learned, gathering everyone we’ve met, employing all of our values and bringing our research to life. It is also different from other events. We host in Brooklyn because we know that the center of the creative class is shifting there. We “festivalize” this B2B conference with local eats, brand pop-ups, and a one-of-a-kind location. And of course, we aim to have some fun too.

We are deeply grateful that you have chosen to share these past twelve months with us. This company was built to bridge the fashion and retail industry with the global Silicon Valley. The right people. The right conversations. The Lead.

Noah Gellman

Editor-in-Chief | Co-Founder & CEO

The Lead