The Foremost 50 | 2020

The Foremost 50 | 2020

Recognizing the leading digital-native brands that are reinventing & redefining the future of the fashion & retail industry. Built for innovation, these brands continue to embrace technology to transform their businesses & the industry.

11 Honoré

Size-inclusive retail site that gives more women the option to experience the designer clothing sizes 12 to 24.
Founder: Patrick Herning
CEO: Patrick Herning
Capital Raised: $18M


Eco-friendly shoes made with natural materials like merino wool, eucalyptus tree fiber, and sugar cane.
Founders: Joseph Zwillinger & Tim Brown
CEOs: Joseph Zwillinger & Tim Brown
Capital Raised: $77.5 M

Anine Bing

Luxurious wardrobe basics and pieces that are current and timeless.
Founders: Anine Bing, Nicolai Bing
CEO: Nicolai Bing
Capital Raised: $15M


Custom, one of a kind wedding dresses.
Founders: Calley Means, Leslie Voorhees
CEO: Leslie Voorhees
Capital Raised: $18.1M


Footwear company focused on making a perfect fitting shoe with a large range of sizes.
Founders: Sidra Qasim, Waqas Ali
CEO: Waqas Ali
Capital Raised: $8.1M


Offering fine jewelry designed to be worthy of the women who wear it.
Founders: Bouchra Ezzahraoui, Sophie Kahn
CEOs: Bouchra Ezzahraoui, Sophie Kahn
Capital Raised: $15.6M


Women’s footwear with elevated style, luxurious comfort, & everyday versatility.
Founders: Bianca Gates, Marisa Sharkey
CEO: Bianca Gates
Capital Raised: $10.1M

Boll & Branch

Luxury bedding, bath and apparel goods made from 100% organic cotton.
Founders: Missy Tannen, Scott Tannen
CEO: Scott Tannen
Capital Raised: $111.5M


Comfort focused apparel brand with a mission to help those in need.
Founders: David Heath, Randy Goldberg
CEO: David Heath
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Premium bedding & bath linens with a lifetime guarantee.
Founders: Rich Fulop, Vicki Fulop
CEO: Rich Fulop
Capital Raised: $10M


DTC brand building clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room.
Founders: Kabeer Chopra, Stephen Kuhl
CEO: Stephen Kuhl
Capital Raised: $28.3M


On-demand social shopping platform where users influence every collection to match their favorite style inspirations.
Founders: Jessie Zeng, Mo Zhou, Sharon Qian
CEO: Jessie Zeng
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Dagne Dover

Bags and accessories that keep up with fast-paced lifestyles and make the day-to-day more seamless.
Founders: Deepa Gandhi, Jessica Dover, Melissa Shin Mash
CEO: Melissa Shin Mash
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Dia & Co

Plus size clothing & personal styling services for women.
Founders: Lydia Gilbert, Nadia Boujarwah
CEO: Nadia Boujarwah
Capital Raised: $90M

Enso Rings

The stylish and comfortable alternative to metal rings and wedding bands.
Founders: Brighton Jones, Aaron Dalley
CEO: Romney Williams
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Ethically made, quality apparel without the traditional retail markup.
Founders: Jesse Farmer, Michael Preysman
CEO: Michael Preysman
Capital Raised: $18M*


Furniture subscription service that offers a flexible and sustainable alternative to ownership.
Founder: Jay Reno
CEO: Jay Reno
Capital Raised: $16M


Beauty company leveraging content & community to power the shopping experience.
Founder: Emily Weiss
CEO: Emily Weiss
Capital Raised: $186.4M


The global platform for style. Founded in 2015 to bring trust to the sneaker community, the technology platform has since expanded to offer apparel and accessories.
Founders: Daishin Sugano, Eddy Lu
CEO: Eddy Lu
Capital Raised: $197.6M


Peer-to-peer marketplace selling high-quality men’s streetwear & designer pieces.
Founders: Jake Metzger, Julian Connor
CEO: Arun Gupta
Capital Raised: $16.5M


Premium men’s personal care products tailored to the customer’s specific needs.
Founders: Brian Jeong, Phillip Wong
CEO: Brian Jeong
Capital Raised: $10.2M

Helix Sleep

Bringing customization to the sleep category by offering personalized, made to order mattresses at value driven prices.
Founders: Adam Tishman, Jerry Lin, Kristian von Rickenbach
CEO: Adam Tishman
Capital Raised: $8.2M


Men’s wellness brand selling products for skin care, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and more.
Founders: Andrew Dudum, Hilary Coles, Jack Abraham
CEO: Andrew Dudum
Capital Raised: $197M

Knot Standard

Custom clothing brand aiming to revolutionize the way men shop.
Founders: John Ballay, Matthew Mueller
CEO: John Ballay
Capital Raised: $23.4M

Kopari Beauty

Beauty products that embrace & enhance the natural, made with 100% pure organic coconut.
Founders: Bryce Goldman, Gigi Goldman, James Brennan, Kiana Cabell
CEO: Bryce Goldman
Capital Raised: $20M

Le Tote

Creating data-driven retail experiences that bridge the divide between renting and buying, in-store and online.
Founders: Brett Northart, Rakesh Tondon
CEO: Rakesh Tondon
Capital Raised: $75M


DTC retailer selling women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, intimates, and swimwear.
Founders: Colleen Winter, Debra Cannon
CEO: Colleen Winter
Capital Raised: $120M

Madison Reed

Affordable, salon-quality hair color made with ingredients you can feel good about.
Founders: Amy Errett, Eric Hutchinson, Sabrina Riddle
CEO: Amy Errett
Capital Raised: $130M

Marine Layer

Absurdly soft clothes that make getting dressed every day easier
Founder: Mike Natenshon
CEO: Mike Natenshon
Capital Raised: $3.7M

Ministry of Supply

Apparell company that designs, tests, and builds sharp, high performing, remarkably comfortable clothes.
Founders: Aman Advani, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Kevin Rustagi, Kit Hickey
CEO: Aman Advani
Capital Raised: $9.2M

Part & Parcel

Part & Parcel is a community commerce platform for plus-size women, selling apparel and footwear plus to plus.
Founder: Lauren Haber Jonas
CEO: Lauren Haber Jonas
Capital Raised: $4M


Quality clothing & essentials for kids & babies in vibrant colors.
Founders: Christina Carbonell, Galyn Bernard
CEOs: Christina Carbonell, Galyn Bernard
Capital Raised: $47.8M


Hair care 100% made for your hair type, goals & lifestyle with natural active ingredients.
Founders: Arnaud Plas, Catherine Taurin, Nicolas Mussat, Paul Michaux
CEO: Arnaud Plas
Capital Raised: $25M

Rent the Runway

A subscription fashion service that powers women to rent unlimited designer styles for everyday and occasion.
Founders: Jennifer Fleiss, Jennifer Hyman
CEO: Jennifer Hyman
Capital Raised: $541.2M


Rhone is a performance lifestyle brand delivering best in class products specifically for men.
Founder: Nate Checketts, Kyle McClure
CEO: Nate Checketts
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

Rockets of Awesome

Clothes cool enough for kids to wear every day, stylish enough parents won’t mind letting them.
Founder: Rachel Blumenthal
CEO: Rachel Blumenthal
Capital Raised: $49M


Reinvents classic, iconic wardrobe pieces through sustainable design.
Founders: Roth Martin, Stephen Hawthornthwaite
CEO: Roth Martin
Capital Raised: $42M


Building the home brand for the next generation. Using irresistible materials and inventive craftsmanship to create home essentials worth staying home for.
Founders: Andres Modak, Rachel Cohen
CEOs: Andres Modak, Rachel Cohen
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Luxury handbag company for the multifaceted, modern woman.
Founders: Coral Chung, Wendy Wen
CEO: Coral Chung
Capital Raised: $16.8M


Premium sock brand dedicated to the spirit of individuality.
Founders: Aaron Hennings, Jeff Kearl, Rick Alden, Ryan Kingman, Taylor Shupe
CEOs: Jeff Kearl
Capital Raised: $116M


Online marketplace for buying and selling high demand sneakers, streetwear, handbags, wacthes and collectibles.
Founders: Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber and Greg Schwartz
CEOs: Scott Cutler
Capital Raised: $160M


DTC swimwear and travelwear brand with an affordable price point, focus on sustainability, and contemporary approach to brand.
Founders: Lori Coulter, Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin
CEOs: Lori Coulter
Capital Raised: $26M


Skincare brand 100% dedicated to suncare, making it easy to incorporate UV protection into your daily routine.
Founder: Holly Thaggard
CEOs: Holly Thaggard
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Innovative bra & underwear brand that believes fit should come first.
Founders: David Spector, Heidi Zak
CEOs: David Spector, Heidi Zak
Capital Raised: $68.6M


Fashion resale marketplace that enables individuals to buy and sell clothing for women and children.
Founders: Chris Homer, James Reinhart, Oliver Lubin
CEOs: James Reinhart
Capital Raised: $306M

Thursday Boot Company

Boots built for work & play with the durability of work boots and sophistication of fashion boots.
Founders: Alicia Martinez, Connor Wilson, Nolan Walsh
CEOs: Nolan Walsh
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Clean and effective powered by probiotics & superfoods to help you feel confident in your skin.
Founder: Roshini Raj
CEOs: Savannah Sachs
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Apparel brand built on perfecting comfortable men’s shirting, meant to be worn untucked.
Founders: Chris Riccobono
CEO: Aaron Sanandres
Capital Raised: $30M

Winky Lux

Color cosmetics made from the highest quality ingredients known to woman-kind.
Founders: Natalie Mackey, Nathan Newman
CEO: Natalie Mackey
Capital Raised: $12M


The largest selection of affordable glasses online, including prescription glasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids.
Founders: Tibor Laczay, Julia Zhen
CEO: Tibor Laczay,
Capital Raised: Self-Funded

‘One’s to Watch’ is our list of high-potential digital-native brands that are breaking away from the pack. While they are still in the earlier stages of company growth cycles, they show great potential and we believe have the foundation to make major strides and significant impact in the industry.

Act + Acre
Sector: Beauty
CEO: Colm Mackin

Sector: Clothing Rental
CEO: Ambika Singh

Baboon to the Moon
Sector: Accessories
CEO: Andy Person

by Humankind
Sector: Personal Care
CEO: Brian Bushell

Sector: Paint
CEO: Nicole Gibbons

Sector: Childrens
CEO: Zac Park & Spencer Markel

Sector: Underwear
CEO: Abby Morgan

Sector: Womenswear
CEO: Ariane Goldman

Sector: Accessories
CEO: Jessica Davidoff

SWET Tailor
Sector: Men’s Activewear
CEO: Adam Bolden

Ten Thousand
Sector: Menswear
CEO: Keith Nowak

The Inside
Sector: Home
CEO: Christiane Lemieux

The Sill
Sector: Home / Plants
CEO: Eliza Blank

Violet Grey
Sector: Beauty
CEO: April Uchitel

Sector: Underwear
CEO: William Herlands