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The Foremost 50 is the Annual Power List of Breakout Challenger Brands

The Foremost 50 List highlights fast-growing challenger brands that are redefining fashion, beauty, home, and consumer industries.

These brands are breaking away from traditional go-to-market approaches, creating new value for consumers, and charting new paths to building relationships with the customer. They were selected to the list for their unique approach as well as their ability to make an impact on the future of the industry. By understanding this group of rising stars, leaders at every brand can identify changing market dynamics and evolving customer expectations.

The lessons, capabilities, and success stories of the Foremost 50 brands will truly be brought to life at The Lead Summit on July 10th & 11th, where you’ll hear from some of the leading founders and CEOs. Click HERE for details

The Foremost 50 Forum is Where We Celebrate Our List of Honorees

March 7 | 8:30 am – 12:30 pm | New York City

Aether Diamonds

Manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds from captured carbon found in the air.
Founder(s): Anthony Ippolito, Daniel Wojno, Ryan Shearman
CEO(s): —
Capital Raised: $18M

Athena Club

Award-winning razors and clean body care that make everyday routines more luxurious — without charging an arm and a leg.
Founder(s): Masha Desmarais & Charles Desmarais
CEO(s): Charles Desmarais & Masha Desmarais
Capital Raised: $52.3M

Athletic Brewing Co.

Pioneering non-alcoholic brewery, revolutionizing the way modern adults drink by crafting brews that can be consumed anytime, anywhere.
Founder(s): Bill Shufelt & John Walker
CEO(s): Bill Shufelt
Capital Raised: $173.5M

Awe Inspired

Celeb-beloved fine jewelry and accessories brand whose Goddess Collection empowers women, promotes spiritual wellness & gives back through collaborations with charity partners.
Founder(s): Jill Johnson & Max Johnson
CEO(s): Max Johnson
Capital Raised: $6M


Delicious good-for-your gut snack bars, free from gut irritants and full of belly benefits like probiotics and fiber.
Founder(s): Katie Wilson, Nick Wilson, Tyson Woeste
CEO(s): Katie Wilson
Capital Raised: $16.4M


Premium office furniture sold direct to save time and money, providing ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, and office accessories for both the home and corporate office.
Founder(s): Greg Hayes
CEO(s): Greg Hayes
Capital Raised: $12.4M

BRUNT Workwear

High-quality work boots and apparel designed by tradesmen at a price that won’t break the bank.
Founder(s): Eric Girouard & David Chernow
CEO(s): Eric Girouard
Capital Raised: $44M

Cabinet Health

Sustainable healthcare products and services–starting with the world’s first refillable and compostable medicine system that offers an impactful solution to the growing plastic waste crisis.
Founder(s): Achal Patel & Russell Gong
CEO(s): Achal Patel
Capital Raised: $17M


Eyewear brand that provides reading, optical and sunglasses to discerning individuals.
Founder(s): Tim Parr
CEO(s): Tim Parr
Capital Raised: $11.25M


Canned beverages infused with a microdose of cannabis (aka just a tiny bit of THC and CBD) that are as bubbly, refreshing, and social – sans the next-day hangover or regrets.
Founder(s): Luke Anderson & Jake Bullock
CEO(s): Jake Bullock
Capital Raised: $32M


Non-toxic, design-forward, and eco-friendly home goods and kitchenware with a mission to thoughtfully raise the standards of what we bring into our homes.
Founder(s): Jordan Nathan
CEO(s): Jordan Nathan
Capital Raised: $70.3M


Innovative healthwear company that bridges the gap between fashion and function by creating adaptive and accessible clothing, recovery bras, patient gowns, scrubs, and more to help every person feel more human while in and out of the hospital.
Founder(s): Chaitenya Razdan
CEO(s): Chaitenya Razdan
Capital Raised: $5M


Direct-to-chef marketplace delivering high quality meals to food enthusiasts who want to eat well without compromise.
Founder(s): Mateo Marietti
CEO(s): Mateo Marietti
Capital Raised: $103M

Ellis Brooklyn

Clean, luxury line of sophisticated, award-winning fragrances crafted closely with master perfumers in innovative and modern compositions.
Founder(s): Bee Shapiro
CEO(s): Bee Shapiro
Capital Raised: $10.1M

Embr Labs

Healthtech company addressing health conditions by using temperature as a new pathway to the brain with patented wearable technology.
Founder(s): Sam Shames & Matthew Smith
CEO(s): Elizabeth Gazda
Capital Raised: $63M

Evelyn & Bobbie

Women-led intimate apparel company dedicated to creating beautiful and functional products backed by patented innovation.
Founder(s): Bree McKeen
CEO(s): Bree McKeen
Capital Raised: $30M

Feat Clothing

Athleisure wear driven by a commitment to comfort, quality, and sustainability efforts.
Founder(s): Taylor Offer
CEO(s): Taylor Offer
Capital Raised: $1.3M


Personalized performance nutrition and free 1-1 registered dietitian support to help active individuals reach their unique health goals and feel their best.
Founder(s): Eric Ji Sun Wu & Jahaan Ansari
CEO(s): Dean Kelly
Capital Raised: $15M


Personalized skin, hair and body care routines with derm-grade ingredients that deliver real results.
Founder(s): Nick Allen & Dave Skaff
CEO(s): Nick Allen
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Paraben-free eyelashes, utilizing magnetic technology for a lasting, all-day enhancement.
Founder(s): Ann McFerran & Kevin Gould
CEO(s): Ann McFerran
Capital Raised: None

Hill House Home

Digital-first lifestyle brand that brings beauty and joy to everyday rituals.
Founder(s): Nell Diamond
CEO(s): Nell Diamond
Capital Raised: $29M


High-quality dog food and treats at an accessible price point, founded by dog parents.
Founder(s): Terri Rockovich, Michael Kim, Sameer Mehta
CEO(s): Terri Rockovich
Capital Raised: $50M


Beauty wellness company that purifies your water for better skin, hair and wellbeing.
Founder(s): Ryan Babenzien & Arjan Singh
CEO(s): Ryan Babenzien
Capital Raised: $2M


Clean family health products that are USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project certified, including OTC medicines made with real medicine and 5 simple, recognizable inactive ingredients.
Founders: Jeremy Adams & Jessica Biel
CEO: Jeremy Adams
Capital Raised: $50M

Konscious Brands

Premium supplements, digital fitness and nutrition programs combining breakthrough formulas, cutting-edge technology, and personalized coaching to optimize health conditions with natural and powerful wellness solutions.
Founder(s): Hannah Kowalski & Ryan Kowalski
CEO(s): Hannah Kowalski & Ryan Kowalski
Capital Raised: None

Little Sleepies

On a mission to spark joy and inspire togetherness through incredibly soft and comfy bamboo pajamas (designed for creating family memories from newborn moments to holiday celebrations) and children’s daywear.
Founder(s): Maradith Frenkel
CEO(s): Sandeep Verma
Capital Raised: NA

Little Spoon

Kids food for the modern parent with a platform of products.
Founder(s): Angela Vranich, Michelle Muller, Ben Lewis
CEO(s): Ben Lewis
Capital Raised: $73M

Little Words Project

Kindness company promoting self-love, positivity, and connection through its impactful, sharable and customizable products- starting with The Original Word Bracelet.
Founder(s): Adriana Carrig
CEO(s): Adriana Carrig
Capital Raised: $2.75M

Mad Rabbit

Easy tattoo care solution, from soothing new ink to reviving & protecting current ones.
Founder(s): Oliver Zak & Selom Agbitor
CEO(s): Oliver Zak
Capital Raised: $12M


Baby monitor that lets parents track the health, wellness and development of their baby, from sleep and breathing to growth, delivering personalized insights and advice.
Founder(s): Andrew Berman
CEO(s): Assaf Glazer and Tor Ivry
Capital Raised: Undisclosed


Brand of luxury quality bra, underwear, swim, sleep and loungewear everyday basics that merge comfort + cool at an accessible price.
Founder(s): Lauren Schwab & Marissa Vosper
CEO(s): —
Capital Raised: None


Clothing care brand with a handheld steam iron tailored for modern professionals, combining patent-pending technology and contemporary distribution.
Founder(s): Annabel Love & Courtney Toll
CEO(s): Courtney Toll
Capital Raised: $4.8M


New kind of soda crafted with only 2-5 grams of sugar and prebiotics, botanicals, and plant fiber to support digestive health – without sacrificing the delicious taste of nostalgic soda flavors.
Founders: Ben Goodwin & David Lester
CEO: Ben Goodwin
Capital Raised: $42.5M


Denim and ready-to-wear label offering everyday premium pieces at sensible prices.
Founders: Grace Na
CEO: —
Capital Raised: None

Portland Leather Goods.

Bags made from world’s best leathers at prices so reasonable it makes the casual shopper a leather lover for life.
Founder(s): Curtis Matsko
CEO(s): Curtis Matsko
Capital Raised: None


Personalized, adaptive, clinically-effective skincare tailored to each individual’s unique needs, harnessing artificial intelligence.
Founder(s): Amy Yuan & Ming Zhao
CEO(s): Luke Weston
Capital Raised: $21.2M


Electronics brand on a mission to create a better every day through reliable, accessible, and delightful tech.
Founder(s): Ray Lee & Ray J
CEO(s): Ray Lee
Capital Raised: None


New York-based ready-to-wear label that blurs the line between day and night, creating a life-of-the-party aesthetic within each design.
Founder(s): Aviad Klin & Ohad Seroya
CEO(s): Aviad Klin
Capital Raised: None


Independent brand that collaborates with craftspeople around the world, best known for its handmade leather shoes produced in their own workshops in Eastern Turkey and West Texas.
Founder(s): Mickey Ashmore
CEO(s): Mickey Ashmore
Capital Raised: None

Serenity Kids

Balanced nutrient-dense variety of foods where every delicious bite of pouches and puffs, or sip of formula contains optimal nutrition for babies to thrive.
Founder(s): Serenity & Joe Carr
CEO(s): Serenity Carr
Capital Raised: $13.5M


Brand empowering better-for-you snacking with delicious flavor – and never having to choose between feeling healthy and being happy.
Founder(s): Val & Breezy Griffith
CEO(s): Breezy Griffith
Capital Raised: Over $30M+


First-of-its kind decorative pimple patches and innovative products that transform breakouts—an experience historically thought of as negative and isolating—into moments of confidence, self-expression, and connection.
Founder(s): Brian Bordainick & Julie Schott
CEO(s): —
Capital Raised: Undisclosed

The Clear Cut

Demystifying the diamond buying process for couples through educational content and a curated selection of quality rings at fair price points.
Founder(s): Olivia Landau & Kyle Simon
CEO(s): Olivia Landau
Capital Raised: $750K

The Perfect Jean (TPJ)

Comfortable stretch jean and other “better basics” for men.
Founder(s): Ovadia Labaton & Zack Arnold
CEO(s): —
Capital Raised: None


Personalized brain supplement brand, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s brain and addressing the cognitive demands of daily tasks.
Founder(s): Dan Freed & Adam Greenfeld
CEO(s): Dan Freed
Capital Raised: $14.4M


Transforming personal care experiences through design, beauty-forward formulations and a wide array of captivating fragrances.
Founder(s): Andrea Lisbona
CEO(s): Andrea Lisbona
Capital Raised: $2.5M

True Classic

Bringing the perfect fit and feel to timeless styles, made accessible to the everyday man.
Founder(s): Ryan Bartlett, Nick Ventura, Matthew Winnick
CEO(s): Ryan Bartlett
Capital Raised: None


Vegan hair products that nourish hair, brows & lashes for overall hair wellness.
Founder(s): Christina Zeigler & Annie Hong
CEO(s): Robert Schaeffler
Capital Raised: $80M


Hydration brand with the mission to encourage people to drink more water in order to live a healthier, longer, and more sustainable life.
Founder(s): Henry Murray, Martin Murray, Christoph Hermann
CEO(s): Martin Murray
Capital Raised: $70M


Women’s wellness brand that’s modernizing aging through clean products formulated to meet the needs of your changing skin, hair, and body.
Founder(s): Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs
CEO(s): Sally Mueller
Capital Raised: $7M

Spotlighting the future front-runners in fashion, beauty, & consumer who are breaking away from the pack and showing great promise and the foundations to impact the industry.


Functional beverages with organic plant-based superfoods to support energy, digestion and sleep, without refined sugar and certified plastic-neutral.
Founder(s): Karen Danudjaja
CEO(s): Karen Danudjaja


Products and experiences that promote relaxation, with a modern spa located in Soho, NYC, and offering chill products through various retailers.
Founder(s): Cyndi Ramirez & Adam Fulton
CEO(s): Cyndi Ramirez

DIBS Beauty

Elevated makeup essentials, designed to be multi-purpose, effortless, cruelty-free and vegan.
Founder(s): Jeff Lee, Courtney Shields, Ken Landis, Dan Reich
CEO(s): Jeff Lee


Innovative intimate wellness company creating life-changing, all-natural botanical formulas for female sexual pleasure, period relief and mid-life whole-body care.
Founder(s): Jon Brandon & Mathew Gerson
CEO(s): Jon Brandon


Tech-driven wellness company, aiming to democratize the gardening experience for everyone, regardless of age, location, circumstance, or skill level.
Founder(s): Donna Letier & Julie Eggers
CEO(s): Donna Letier


Outdoor brand for the modern woman, on a mission to bring approachability, inclusivity, and fun to the outdoors.
Founder(s): Ariana Ferwerda, Kiley McKinnon, Karelle Golda
CEO(s): Ariana Ferwerda


Family-owned DTC company that designs and produces high-end personalized jewelry in the US, meeting the rising demand for custom fine jewelry delivered fast.
Founder(s): Haverhill Leach, Andrej Strojin
CEO(s): Andrej Strojin

Krave Beauty

On a mission to humanize the beauty industry for the people and the planet to create a more sustainable and equitable world.
Founder(s): Liah Yoo
CEO(s): Liah Yoo

Laine London

Tailored-to-you designer wedding dress rentals at a fraction of the price, helping brides invest in a lifetime of happiness, not a one-time dress.
Founder(s): Miriam Williams & Lundyn Carter
CEO(s): Lundyn Carter

Last Crumb

High-end cookie revolution – from twelve epic, nostalgia-packed flavors in the Core Collection to exclusive, limited-edition creations – offering a luxury tasting adventure that’s far from the ordinary.
Founder(s): Derek Jaeger & Alana Arnold
CEO(s): Derek Jaeger

Lo & Sons

Designer and maker of bags for all humans straddling multiple lifestyles who demand versatility, functionality and proven quality in a bag.
Founder(s): Helen Lo, Jan Lo, Derek Lo
CEO(s): Jan Lo

Moolah Kicks

Premium performance shoes and apparel built by and exclusively for female ballers.
Founder(s): Natalie White
CEO(s): Natalie White

Piecework Puzzles

Design-forward, over-the-top jigsaw puzzles for every mood, whim, and personality.
Founder(s): Jena Wolfe & Rachel Hochhauser
CEO(s): Tristan Roquette

Spritz Society

Sparkling wine cocktail brand created by media influencers and entrepreneurs.
Founder(s): Jake Lewin & Ben Soffer
CEO(s): Ben Soffer


Line of travel-friendly, waste-free, mess-free and clean ingredient solid skin and hair care sticks.
Founder(s): Jamie Glassman & Wendy Charland
CEO(s): Jamie Glassman