The Leading 100 are the Innovative Tech Start-Ups Driving the Future of Brand To Consumer

The Leading 100 List recognizes high-impact technology start-ups that are helping to redefine the future of the brand-to-consumer business model and driving business value for brands as well as retailers. These companies are solving business problems, powering growth, and helping brands deliver on customer expectations through innovative, accessible, and powerful technology solutions. 

All companies were vetted and selected using a rigorous methodology which measures Innovation, Business Impact, Commercialization & Customers, Teams and Experience, Competition, Media Buzz, and Investor Value Creation.



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Not Disclosed

Adhithi Aji

IoT-based smart label-powered connected commerce platform, turning regular products into self-reordering smart connected products.



Rakesh Yadav

End-to-end autonomous intelligence platform allowing online businesses to automatically predict the affinity and intent of prospective customers, then deliver personalized content in real time.

All 3D


Amra Tareen

3D technology creating hyper realistic, low cost and reusable product images, virtual spaces and tours to help business' create better visualization.



Georgios Pipelidis

Real-time customer and visitor analysis for optimization of store operations and enhanced customer experience



Christine Marzano

Immersive 3D fit and styling experience powered by AI and gaming technology.



Sonia Nigam

Donation technology platform that enables companies to launch compliant, charitable campaigns at checkout.



Harry Dixon

Shopping assistant app & extension with over 1,000,000 GenZ shoppers.



Allan Perrottet

Software for brands to build a community on their websites or landing pages under their own domain, owning their community interaction and data without third-party interference.



Olga Dogadkina

Enabling brands to create and manage immersive virtual experiences, combining e-commerce accessibility with the experiential impact of physical retail.

Fenix Commerce


Charlie Cole

End-to-end delivery management platform helping retailers and DTC brands provide transparency to their customers from discovery to delivery.



Janvi Shah

Helping brands embed authentic UGC website videos to give customers confidence to add to cart.



Dylan Whitman

Enabling Shopify merchants to deploy paid memberships on their storefronts.


Not Disclosed

Aurangzeb Agha

Behavioral customer engagement solutions use AI to predict which visitors would have left the site without purchasing and convert them into customers, in real-time, in-session.



Heikki Haldre

Visual AI-based tagless product discovery that allows shoppers to find fashion when they don’t know how to describe it.



Oren Raboy

AI-powered eCommerce platform providing sales-focused insights and strategic guidance for CPGs, digital brands and agencies to accelerate and grow their Amazon business.



Arthur Root

Conversion optimization software that uses AI to reduce latency and improve core web vitals.

Ocula Technologies

Not Disclosed

Thomas McKenna

Insight platform analyzing, recommending and actioning the priority optimizations for every page to drive conversion and engagement higher.



Lucas Tieleman

AI Platform for creating content - landing pages, product copy, and evergreen marketing content - at scale

Particular Audience


James Taylor

Applying machine learning in search and recommendations to improve product discovery on ecommerce websites.

Pipe 17


Mo Afshar

Automating omnichannel post-order processes with fast commerce integrations, 40+ plug-and-play operational workflows, and point-and-click rule builders.



Anabel Maldonado

GenAI B2B personalization platform that uses deep learning and psychology to hyper-personalize entire product categories per-user in real-time.

Purple Dot

Not Disclosed

Madeline Parra

Inventory management for retail ecommerce addressing sustainability challenges for unsold inventory.



Sadee Gamhewa

AI-driven product enrichment platform that ensures a seamless connection between the consumer language and product catalogs driving improved product discovery and increased productivity for ecommerce teams.



Jehan Hamedi

Helps brands measure, understand, and optimize the impact of their visual content using AI technology.


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Not Disclosed

Matt Butler

Marketing measurement & algorithms built on first-party data.



Kait Stephens

Bridging the offline and online with AI-powered experiences that turn anonymous omnichannel shoppers into customers, helping brands reclaim customer data lost to retail and marketplaces.


Sundeep Sanghavi

Visual content platform allowing brands to deploy user-generated and GenerativeAI content in paid advertising, customer purchase experiences, website engagement, and social media campaigns.


Not Disclosed

Tom Logan

Content engine that allows brands to generate high volumes of diverse, actionable content for a fraction of the cost through vetted 3rd party creators.

Fermat Commerce


Rishabh Jain

Distributed commerce platform that lets brands create unique storefronts for each piece of content enabling consumers to directly purchase within paid social channels.



Matt Smolin

Brand loyalty & membership platform harnessing personalization, gamification, and an expansive integrations ecosystem.



Zach Epstein

Marketing science platform that helps brands understand the true business impact of their marketing spend.


Jean-Maxime Larouche

AI & neuroscience platform to predict the performance of digital ad creatives and media settings.



Gal Rapoport

AI-powered hyper-personalization in a cookieless world for converting unidentified visitors into high Intent buyers.



Ben Mackinnon

Rewards-as-service platform making loyalty more rewarding by simplifying the rewards experience for cardholders, financial institutions, and merchants.


Clay Sharman

Platform empowering brands to engage personally with anonymous website visitors, better understand existing customer behavior and build more effective campaigns.


Not Disclosed

Benjamin Kosinski

A marketplace connecting big box retailers with ecommerce brands from TikTok, Instagram, and Shopify.



Co-Founders: Armin Faraji & Mackenzie Dérival

Platform that allows brands to have their products sampled and promoted by hundreds of verified micro-influencers.

Pairzon AI


Galit Arizon

Real-time, AI-powered marketing platform for retailers, seamlessly linking in-store and online transactional data.

Prescient AI


Mike True

Marketing mix modeling (MMM) for omni-channel brands, offering customized cross-channel revenue attribution and budget optimization through a fusion of proprietary data and extensive machine-learning expertise.


Not Disclosed

Cristina De la Peña

Helping brands and creators access automated consumer feedback to improve content creation and predict performance.


Not Disclosed

Greg Stevens

Makes it easier for retailers to plan, sell and execute retail media across channels and partners.


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Dayta AI


Patrick Tu

Retail analytics provider that leverages existing cameras to acquire visitors’ behavioral data and generate actionable insights.

Dragonfruit AI

Not Disclosed

Amit Kumar

Real-time video monitoring, advanced analytics with computer vision, and instant alerts, offering an affordable solution to leverage remote viewing and video AI for revenue optimization.



Co-Founders: Leigh Sevin and Jinesh Shah

CRM and clienteling platform built to increase sales for retail brands.

Everyangle AI


David Owens

Computer vision for physical retailers, offering AI-powered demographics, queueing, and speed of service intelligence for brick-and-mortar stores.



Andrew Duffy

Incentive management platform for frontline employees that offers fully-automated sales incentives and easy vendor-sponsored rewards.


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Company Description



Neil Lustig

Predictive procurement orchestration platform that drives better buying decisions, faster, and at scale.

Factored Quality


Prince Ghosh

Enables brands to run quality control on their global supply chains.


Not Disclosed

Spencer Penn

An online platform for strategic sourcing making it easy to find incredible suppliers, send RFQs (requests for quotes), and make the best sourcing decisions.



Ganesh Ramakrishna

AI platform built with supply chain context at its core helping solve problems with an expansive catalog of supply chain data, decisions, predictions and products.

Raspberry AI


Cheryl Liu

Generative AI-assisted design and merchandising software.

Syrup Tech


James Theuerkauf

AI-powered inventory optimization for omnichannel brands and retailers.



Ella Lim

Offering fashion dropshipping, open pack wholesale and private label manufacturing to streamline supply chain.


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Obiaku Ohiaeri

An API-enabled payment service that helps merchants accept pre-tax, health benefits, like FSA and HSA, as a form of payment at checkout and allows customers to save on out-of-pocket health expenses.

Butter Payments


Vijay Menon

Helping the subscription companies recover millions of dollars in revenue lost to failed payments using machine learning.


Not Disclosed

Elio Vitucci

AI-powered platform that partners with merchants and payment providers to review and recover failed customer transactions at no risk to the merchant and at no cost to the customer.

Mid Metrics

Not Disclosed

Stacy Bransfield

Simplifying chargeback management by integrating chargeback prevention, dispute resolution and analytics into a single platform.



Dor S.

Passwordless authentication platform helps empower online consumers to register, login, and checkout with biometrics.


Not Disclosed

Mason Lin

Payments platform that streamlines cross-border commerce, enabling businesses to expand easily into new markets.


Not Disclosed

Victor Donov

Hardware-free cardless mobile banking and mobile payments platform


Not Disclosed

Tushar Srivastava

Lending gateway connecting customers to financial solutions, in-the-moment



Ryth Martin

Simplifying and speeding up the checkout process by securely linking credit card and other payment information.


Company Name



Company Description



Max Bennett

AI shopping assistant that uses an online store's data to predict and field customer questions, then guide them towards the right products.



Noam Levavi

Immersive brand engagement platform providing an end-to-end solution to create personalized, scalable, and engaging digital immersive experiences.

Confer With


Serge Milbank

Like a Shoppable Facetime call, facilitating a rich, human interaction between retail experts and shoppers when at a distance through live streaming video calls.



John Howard

Offering customers free guaranteed future resale prices at point of sale via seamless ecommerce integrations with select partners.



Adam Stepanovic

Helping brands leverage lived experience data to deliver a single view of the consumer and derive actionable insights.



Michelle Bacharach

Predictive intelligence empowering merchandisers and marketers to automate looks for the product catalog.



Fran Brzyski

Allowing brands to build loyalty and achieve more efficient growth through customer generated content.

Rep AI


Yoav Oz

AI concierge for e-commerce websites enabling conversational shopping



Sagi Keen

AI-powered alternative to conventional compression and delivery - a no-code platform providing a high-quality media experience for online brands.

Visual Feeder


Eddie Yang

Deploys next generation brand activations and digital OOH using projection mapping technology.



Evelyn Mora

No-code 3D-world-building platform that enables creators and brands to build immersive experiences.



Maja Schaefer

Generative AI customer service suite built for ecommerce with automation technology for deflecting tickets, omnichannel inbox management for customer care, and enhanced customer context to drive sales.


Company Name



Company Description



Tomas Puig

Marketing event conversion and correlation engine, purpose-built to tie marketing activities to revenue outcomes.

Conative AI

Not Disclosed

Mike Le

Helping ecommerce brands streamline inventory, marketing and merchandising management with powerful and predictive AI analytics.



Fran Quilty

Data-driven decision making with intuitive dashboards and actionable insights for e-commerce businesses.


Gautam Mehra

Making digital advertising more efficient by sharing intelligence between first party / CRM data and media buying platforms.

Intelligems, Inc.


Drew Marconi

Helping e-commerce companies optimize profits and improve margins by providing a suite of tools to run tailored experiments on prices, discounts, shipping rates, content, campaigns, and more.

KSI Vision

Not Disclosed

Sofía Lemes Porteiro

Transforming existing security cameras with AI to generate analytics and increase sales in physical stores.


Not Disclosed

Navjit Bhasin

Utilizing AI and analytics to help retailers understand and prevent returns, fostering efficiency and sustainability.



Pranav Piyush

Marketing measurement and forecasting for fast-growing businesses, understanding incrementality through Marketing Mix Modeling and experimentation.



Tali Bezalel Hamdi

Analyzing shopper’s preferences to provide businesses with actionable insights that improve customer engagement and retention.



Jeffrey Nicholson

AI-powered tool that organizes, manages, and visualizes complex data sets to drive faster, more actionable business intelligence to enable better decisions.


Ryan Janssen

Self-serve business intelligence platform combining Zoë, a generative AI data analyst, with a semantic layer for ad hoc questions and report building for faster decision making


Company Name



Company Description

Gather AI


Sankalp Arora

AI-enabled inventory insights collected by a fleet of autonomous drones helping warehouse operators lower cost of inventory accuracy.



Lisa-Marie Assenza

Modernizing packaging sourcing to make it easier for brands and suppliers to connect and collaborate, while accelerating the industry's shift to more sustainable solutions.

Not Disclosed

George Wojciechowski

Sustainable ecommerce fulfillment helping brands remove plastic in packaging and measure/offset the carbon emissions resulting from the order fulfillment process.



Izzy Rosenzweig

Fulfilling e-commerce orders directly from China to the customer's front door to improve lead times, decrease shipping costs, and lower import tax fees.



Aviad Raz

An open post-purchase platform for sustainable ecommerce, helping businesses increase profits while reducing waste.



Mike Newman

Reusable shipping and delivery packaging systems



Alok Ahuja

Providing a streamlined platform for managing and optimizing last-mile delivery logistics

Two Boxes


Kyle Bertin

Returns processing solution built to optimize the value of e-commerce returns while mitigating their adverse impacts on the environment, consumers, and businesses.


Company Name



Company Description

Archive Resale


Emily Gittins

Technology platform enabling brands to launch and scale resale businesses that are financially and environmentally sustainable.



Marc Laurent

Carbon management platform running fast life-cycle assessments to help fashion brands lower their scope 3 emissions.



Dane Baker

Sustainability software that calculates ecommerce brands’ ecological footprints through machine learning and then enables them or their customers to offset the emissions of their orders through front-end experiences.



Elias Stahl

Software and manufacturing platform for footwear brands and independents to design and launch 3D-printed footwear made locally, on-demand, without inventory or end-of-life waste.



Disney Petit

Service that matches and moves all unsellable inventory, including returns, to schools and nonprofits nationwide.

The Good Face Project


Lena Skliarova-Mordvinova

A formulation, regulatory, and innovation platform helping cosmetic companies to build safe, compliant, and effective products.



Jake Disraeli

Platform that enables DTC brands to launch customized peer-to-peer, trade-in, and off-price resale programs, and monetize non-new returns.


The Lead watches the next generation of innovators – The Greenlist are a set of emerging startups that show significant promise.

Company Name



Company Description


Not Disclosed

Malgorzata Pack

Tech enabling brands to create digital collections and sell on their channels.

Frate Returns


Bailey Newton

Automated returns and exchanges platform that routes returns to more cost-effective destinations than the warehouse, decreasing costs and emissions.

Moonshot AI


Aviv Frenkel

AI-based platform that automatically analyzes, plans, and executes store’s conversion optimization process


Not Disclosed

Theo Satloff

Connecting online shoppers with real product experts who guide the purchase journey.

Sociate AI


Yasmin Topia

Multi-modal AI combining real-time customer need, evolving tastes and up to the second trends to make magical product recommendations in a constantly changing world.



Samy Waiche

Empowering brands to build custom membership subscription programs, so they can prioritize and reward their most valuable shoppers.